Help my boys to escape child abuse and bullying by Edinburgh SS - while they still have some of their childhood left. Be thankful, this is not your children.
Help my boys to escape child abuse and bullying by Edinburgh SS - while they still have some of their childhood left. Be thankful, this is not your children.

To all the friends and interested parties who are visiting my site:


Thank you for visiting. I have set this site up because my children are being abused by their mother in Edinburgh and nobody is doing anything about it. In between all the mistakes of the courts and the domination of Social Services in public law, their mother is now being protected and my children are being systematically abused by the State and her.


When it seems that child abuse is on the news everyday because lessons are meant to be learnt, how can I find myself being kicked around this eternal maze like this? While the evidence continues to mount my children are being damaged and abused, I am struggling to be heard due to all the consequences of the vindictiveness of Edinburgh Social Services. It is payback for daring to question their decision making.


I have noticed nobody acknowledges or fixes mistakes - instead everybody 'passes the buck' to one another. I now realise I am dealing with experts who can justify anything "on paper" because they base decisions on each others support and they do not question the basis of each others decisions. Mistakes become so deeply buried under a veneer of all this reassuringly unanimous support that nobody knows the truth any more. So this site and the invitation below means there is no more excuses.


Sometimes I wonder if this bullying is only reserved for people like me who are not rich and not celebrities, so Edinburgh Council are confident they can get away with it in their closed society of equally powerful friends and "unquestioning allies".



To all the professionals I have quoted:


Sue me, if I have published any lies about your behaviour. Your conduct should be a matter of public interest. The various articles I have included in the "Things I've found useful" page show there is nothing new or unique about my experiences. If it were not for my own experiences I do not think I could believe the Circle Scotland report on the experience of other fathers within the child protection system of Scotland.


To Edinburgh Council (and especially Andrew McWhirter and Michelle Miller):


Remember this quote from LADY HALE when you keep trying to rewrite my childrens history to what you want it to be and not the truth. You would have accepted the truth by now, if you had bothered to look at the facts and evidence around you. In 21st century Britain, how can racial and gender stereotypes override a High Court Judge's Fact Finding Judgment when it is even served upon the Director of Childrens Services, Gillian Tee by Court Order. This utter disregard for my children and arrogance in how you deal with the truth lies at the heart of everything that has left my children experiencing one obstacle after the next to any form of child protection in Edinburgh - which is exactly what you intended to do.


“………..If decisions are then made on an inaccurate factual basis the child is doubly let down. Not only is the everyday course of her life altered but she may be led to believe bad things about an important person in her life. No child should be brought up to believe that she has been abused if in fact she has not, any more than any child should be persuaded by the adult world that she has not been abused when in fact she has."


Lady Hale, Principal Reporter (Respondent) v K (Appellant) and others (Scotland) (2010] UKSC 56.





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